Afrok Verse- “Sunsets” 

Yeah…It’s Afrok…With the homie Grynch 

I am a man, based off life’s evaluations/ 

Stayed, I’ve ran, never complacent/ 

Shown the door through the key hole/ 

Looked close, but still had to see more/ 

Took the bust just to look at the streets/ 

Didn’t get on base just to look at my cleats/ 

See I done, showed and proved, and moved/ 

We true, thus known, hard times would pass through/ 

Somebody told you, might be fiction/ 

Learn for self on ya own, kill contradiction/ 

Mesmorized by the light, it’s real on site/ 

When I reach the top I’m not scared of the heights/ 

Wanna fix my wrongs but I can’t find my rights/ 

These police wanna pull me over and read my rights/ 

As a brotha, sometimes I wanna see the sights/ 

Still waitin’ for the sun just to see the nights/ 


Chorus: Grynch 

posted up solo watchin’ sunsets 

i’ve put in work but the work ain’t done yet 

ain’t tryin’ to leave nothin’ on my list unchecked 

time to move forward and see what comes next 


last year was a hard one but life goes on 

time to focus with the pen and go and write more songs 

time to right those wrongs ­ on the daily been hauntin’ me 

got a list of goals fa sho ­ still they far from me 

they tell me i’m a pro but the road at times is hard to see 

the game is a trip still ­ for real a struggle constantly 

honestly that’s on me at least for the most part 

runnin’ from light in life ­ i caused days the most dark 

cold heart gettin’ colder ­ used to be warm 

should i stay or should i go? ­ i be confused, i be torn 

but simple and plain ain’t tryin’ to bitch and complain 

time to rebuild for real ­ get shit together my man 

'cause what i learned is no matter what you go through 

support’s cool but in the end it’s on you with your own two 

starin’ by myself at the orange sky 

gotta seize the moment ­ don’t let it go on by 


posted up solo watchin’ sunsets 

i’ve put in work but the work ain’t done yet 

ain’t tryin’ to leave nothin’ on my list unchecked 

time to move forward and see what comes next


from Sunsets ft. Grynch & Afrok, track released 01 September 2014 
Music by Theoretics (Ben Krulewitch, Adam Gross, Cameron Peace, Art Brown, Birch Pereira), Lyrics by Grynch & Afrok. 

Funk Break
Lyrics by Anthony “Moe Betta” Mobley

Verse 1
I’ll take seven Mc’s put ‘em in a line 
Now just leave they ass there can’t none of rhyme
Then I’ll make ‘em clap to this here clean rhyme design 
Like a microphone fiend goin? outta my mind
I am super star, put on a super show
Doin? it like the “R” I seek a deeper flow
I’m off the meter bro, I’m in your speakers yo
My speaking hit ‘em high… The rhythm hit ‘em low.
Follow the leader Moe ‘cause they be sprayin bull 
No I don’t need the dough, already paid in full
Plus I got major pull. Don’t need a massive deal
Still I can move the crowd ‘Cause of my mass appeal
Well C’mon!

Verse 2
A yo we all day defiant, always supplyin’
Balance when challengin’ all paper lions
Always your highness, All day I’m flyin’
Always stay plottin’, always I’m tryin’
Whoa hey no violence! O.K. I’m lyin’
Killer Mc so all of your favorites dyin?
Causing a riot, obey the tyrant
Fee Fi Fo I am Andre The Giant
Steppin’ like I’m Coltrane, A love su-preme
My flow is cocaine cut up with propane
Heat up your whole vein. Create my own lane
Your flow is so lame, you in the slow lane
You are a no name. You don’t got no game
I’m more like Jor-dan. I win the whole thang!
Don’t mean to grandstand, but I’m a pro man!
You more like bandstand, I’m more like soul train.
I know you feelin? the heat the more real it gets.
Me, I’m just killin’ this piece to Cornelius!
Don dadda, cannot be bothered with no silliness
Godfather, make him an offer that’s so serious
Top Dollar, follow the flow that’s worth millions
I gotta, turn it to dough with brilliance
So if I’m up on the flow then I’m killin? it
And if you out on the floor then you?re feelin? it